Lucas Cruikshank Is Gay?!

Good Morning you guys! So I’m on Yahoo reading the daily news and I came across a article that said Lucas Cruikshank had came out of the closet on YouTube…anyway which is totally weird because last Sunday morning I was watching his show Marvin Marvin with my kids and I instantly thought to myself “I wonder if he is gay”. I thought that because his character sounds feminine so I was wondering and now I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore..which is cool I don’t care if he’s gay. I have a gay relative; however, I don’t think it’s right due to my religion but hey I’m not God. I’ll leave the judging up to Him. I’ve also had a couple of experiences with the opposite sex but I was never n a relationship with the opposite sex and I knew it was wrong but I’ve had some bad things that happened to me as a child and I was under the influence it was ok. But now I’m a new person and I’ve been delivered from that type of stuff. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against gay people. I’ve had a girl who was a good friend of mine and she is gay. As I said earlier, I have a relative that is gay and has been all my life and I love both of them very much. I’m totally against gay marriage tho…Yea I think marriage should b between a man and a woman only..that’s like slapping God in the face. Even if I were a lesbian I’m not marrying a woman…I’m sorry a woman can’t do for me the things a man can..not in my book anyway..if you’re gonna use a strap on why not have the real thing? A woman can’t make me feel safe and secure and it’s just not the same. With that being said please leave your comments and have a blessed day!


What is the Definition of a Real Man?

Hello Everyone,

I want to know what you guys think a real man is? Well, in my opinion, a real man is exactly what my husband is. He is God fearing, caring, loving, affectionate and always puts his family first. He is a wonderful provider and a excellent father. I am so glad he came into my life when he did. But before he came along I was living a life of foolishness; doing whatever I wanted with whoever I wanted. Now that I look back on my life, I have made some dumb decisions as far as friends and guys are concerned. I let people I thought cared about me influence me into doing some stupid stuff and its a shame. I was raised up in church so I knew right from wrong. I knew that sex before marriage was a big sin in God’s eyes and in the Old Testament if a girl had sex and was not married, the people of the town the girl lived in were to stone her to death. When I read that I was like omg I should’ve been dead-BUT a certain man by the name of Jesus was born into the world and he died for my sins. I can’t lie and say I’ve gotten off scotch free because I didn’t. I believe that God has punished me for having pre-marital sex and for every other detestable thing I did. But now I guess after God’s anger has subsided I was led to my dream guy. And now three years later here I am a married woman. God has truly blessed me with a lot and I am ever so thankful to Him. I have three kids and all I can do is do better with my children. I’m not saying my mom wasn’t a good mother but when it came to mother/daughter conversations, yea we never had those. She never talked to me about a period, my 5th grade teacher talked to all of the girls in my class about it and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have known what a period was. And you know the topic of sex was off limits-but somehow I always managed to get accused of being fast when I was still a virgin! What a mess but hey now I know better and I know what I want my daughters to know when they get older. So with that said please leave your comments and I cant wait to discuss them with you all. Have a blessed day.


Welcome to kcbombshell’s blog! I’m a native of Kansas City and the topics that I’ll be blogging about will be a variety of topics; such as the weather, sports, reality tv, celebrities and/or topics that I simply just come up with. I want my readers to be very invloved and I want them to know that their voice will be heard. Every opinion counts in my book. All I ask is that when a comment is left, please use appropriate language and always keep an open mind. With that said I want to welcome you again and a topic will be coming soon. Love ya!